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Traveling to San Juan County INN Phase 3

We know that you’re excited to get INN as soon as you can. 

But, as we type, San Juan County is INN Phase 2 of Governor Inslee’s Safe Start plan, so non-essential travel to San Juan County remains prohibited.

On top of that, by order of the San Juan County Health Officer, all San Juan County lodgings (INNcluding Friday Harbor Hotels) remain closed to vacationers until the County steps INN to Phase 3.  While we might be INN Phase 3 mid to late June, that’s just a guess.  It could begin significantly later than that.

To help you prepare for traveling to San Juan Island once Phase 3 begins, and non-essential travel resumes, we’ve compiled the best available INNformation below.



Everything is subject to change these days. We recommend that you consult the vendor-specific websites we’ve linked to and/or call the phone numbers offered to get the most up-to-date INNformation possible!


Washington State Ferries

The Washington State Ferries system operates large drive-on/walk-on ferries  to/from Anacortes and San Juan Island, as well as to/from Sidney, B.C. and San Juan Island. 

Check out the COVID-19 travel updates page on their website for the latest.

According to their webpages above, they’ve extended the winter schedule through at least June 20th.  They’ve also postponed all travel to/from Sidney, B.C. through at least June 21st

What’s more, all vehicle reservations for the Anacortes/San Juan route have been postponed for an undefined period of time, though they plan on providing additional INNformation once reservations become available.

Contact the Washington State Ferries by phone at (206) 464-6400.  When available, make reservations online here.


Kenmore Air

Kenmore Air operates both float and wheels planes.  They provide both scheduled and charter flights to/from Seattle’s Boeing Field and Lake Union and San Juan Island.

The company has a travel advisory page on their website providing their latest updates.  According to their page, they’ve ceased all nonessential travel through June 14th

They plan to resume scheduled service on June 15th.  They’ve also decided to suspend ground shuttle service to SeaTac for 2020.

While their downloadable schedules don’t appear to be available, reservations can be made either over the phone via (866) 435-9524, or online here.


Bellair Charters and Airporter

Bellair Charters and Airporter is a shuttle service with daily scheduled trips to/from SeaTac International Airport and the Anacortes Ferry Terminal.  The schedule for this route can be found on their website.

Bellair has a COVID-19 advisory page on their website providing their latest updates.  According to this page, all of their operations will be suspended through Saturday, June 20th

They’re taking reservations for dates beginning Sunday, June 21st.  Reservations can be made on their website here, or over the phone via (866) 235-5247.


Island Airporter

The Island Airporter is a shuttle service that operates from Monday through Friday based on availability, with one scheduled trip each of these days going from San Juan Island to SeaTac, and then from SeaTac back to San Juan Island. 

While they don’t appear to have any COVID-19 related updates on their website, we chatted with them by phone, and they advised us that they’re operational and plan to continue their regular service INN Phase 3. 

You can reach the Airporter by phone via (360) 378-7438, or by email via islandairporter.com@gmail.com.




Puget Sound Express

The Puget Sound Express is a walk-on ferry with scheduled whale watching tours going to/from Port Townsend and San Juan Island, among other spots. 

While they don’t appear to have any COVID-19 related updates on their website, they shared by phone that they’ve ceased all trips to San Juan Island until the Port of Friday Harbor gives them the OK to resume.  We followed-up with the Port of Friday Harbor by phone and they’re unsure when the ‘OK’ might be. 

The Port will update their website once they’ve got more INNformation.

Ring the Puget Sound Express by phone at (360) 385-5288, or by email via info@pugetsoundexpress.com.  Click here for more INNformation on their one-way and round-trip Port Townsend to/from San Juan Island whale watching tours.


***CLOSED FOR 2020***


San Juan Clipper

The San Juan Clipper is a walk-on ferry with scheduled trips to/ from Seattle and San Juan Island.  According to their website, due to COVID-19, they will not be providing service from Seattle to San Juan Island INN 2020.


We hope that you find this INNformation helpful.  Again, things change quick these days, so please check out the vendor-specific websites linked and/or call the phone numbers offered to get the most up-to-date INNformation. 

Most important, we hope that you’re all staying safe and healthy, and we're happy to answer any additional questions that you may have!

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