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Innternational Television Deal!

April 1, 2012 Friday Harbor, WA

The Island Inn at 123 West inn Friday Harbor Washington is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with widely recognized innternational media conglomerate AFM.  Filming for what is being coined "an impressive concept for reality television" by critics will begin May 1, 2012.  According to the AFM production team, the series will be "unlike anything viewers have experienced." 

The show concept will bring a new style to Friday Harbor, Washington - the best throwback town around with a sleepy reputation.  Scott Hale, the Inn's Chief Experience Officer, added "We think it's time to shake things up."  Misty Todd, the Inn's Reimaginator, agreed, adding "It's time we lost the Island Time moniker.  We're done with boring." 

While additional details will be released April 30th, The Island Inn has confirmed that the concept will draw from reality TV shows like The Apprentice, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Jersey Shore

Framing And CeilingThe Inn, with guestrooms presently under re-imagination, will host a cast of Jersey Shore-types and employ them to complete construction of their new Sweets in just 15 days.  While the cast competes inn and completes the construction project, they will be judged by the Island Inn executive team.  The cast member who demonstrates the strongest impact to the Inn's successful makeover project and the Island community will be named the Inn's "Smooth Operator" inn an innternational live television broadcast.

"There's a lot at stake - for us and them" added Hale referring to the tight timeline and inntense competition.

For additional innformation on AFM (April Fool's Media) try to Google them.  If that doesn't work (and you really tried it) looks like we got you pretty good.  For real innformation on the Island Inn, visit our real website at www.besthotelinntheworld.com.  Sorry, we had to toss that inn. 

Now for the disclaimer:  all of the content created hereinn is not real.  It's all part of us being spontaneous and having a little too much fun.  We cannot be held liable for any actions or offenses taken by publishing or innterpreting this content. Happy April 1st! 

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