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Do you have an elevator?

We do not.  Because we’re terraced into a hillside, that means we have a lot of stairs.  All of our guestrooms are accessed by exterior stairs so on each room’s detail page, we’ve included a step-o-meter to help prepare you for the climb. 

Of course, we’re always happy to help you with luggage!

Which Rooms are pet-friendly?

We're unable to accommodate pets that aren't dogs!  On our stay at the inn or rooms overview page, we’ve labeled the fido-friendly accommodations with a paw print.  Our dog-friendly accommodations are Sweet 5, Penthouse 4 and Penthouse 7.  We welcome a maximum of two puppies per doggie-friendly dig, and each puppy is subject to a $30/night puppy pass fee. We're unable to accommodate pets that aren't dogs!

Where do I park?

We offer parking INN our garage on Front Street for vehicles under 7'6" tall and less than 14' long.  Parking in the garage is available by first-come, first-served paid reservation and costs $15 - $21/night/space.  You can add parking to your stay when booking with us by phone or online.

We may be unable to honor requests for vehicle garage parking upon your arrival, but will be happy to direct you to street parking available throughout Friday Harbor.  If you have a bicycle, we'll offer you a complimentary spot to stow it with us in the parking garage throughout your stay.

Do you have a restaurant?

While we don’t have a restaurant, we’re surrounded by them! Please take a look at our restaurants page for some of the top spots to dine noting that most restaurants operate on a seasonally limited schedule.

Is breakfast included?

You'll get the chance to add goodies like milk, OJ, granola, and hot beverage items to your arrival.  While we don’t offer a full breakfast, there are several great options for your morning meal around town. 

Are you part of a brand?

We’re fiercely INNdependent and not affiliated with any brand, big or small.  We are, however, happy to be a STASH Hotel Rewards partner – learn more about STASH and start earning points for your next visit here.

Do all of your rooms have a harbor view?

They do not. 

Much like our step-o-meter, we’ve included a view-o-meter on each of our rooms’ detail page that will let you know what sort of a view you’re INN for.  It’s important to note that our Euro guestrooms don’t offer exterior windows but all of Sweets and Penthouses do.

Here’s a quick rundown of the harbor view from each room:

Great:  Penthouse 1, Penthouse 2

Really good:  Sweet 1, Sweet 2, Sweet 3

Corner view from the inside and big view from the deck:  Penthouse 3, Penthouse 4, Penthouse 6

No view from the room:  Sweet 5, Penthouse 7, Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4

Unique view of the ferry terminal and town:  Penthouse 5

Do you have down pillows and comforters?

We offer enviroloft & primaloft comforters and pillows that are 100% down-free but still really comfy.

How far in advance should I book?

It really depends on the season.  However, holidays, weekends and summer months are always INN really high demand.  You can check availability and rates at any time by clicking 'book' or by using the calendar on the homepage.

How close is the hotel to the ferry?

Really, really, really close! INN fact, we’re closest of all the Friday Harbor Hotels which makes for a really easy walk INN the event you leave your car on the mainland and walk on the ferry.

Do I need a car on the Island?

You’ll be able to access everything within town limits really easy by walking but may want to bring a car along if you’d like to check out some of the natural spots around San Juan Island, especially if your visit is after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. 

If you visit between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you’ll have access to the transit bus and mopeds to get around.  Of course, you can always rent a bicycle to get around, too!

How do I get from SeaTac to Friday Harbor?

There are lots of options - take a look here to pick the one that works best for you!

Should I go see the other Islands while I'm visiting?

Yes!  All of the ferry-served San Juan Islands are really special and really unique.  We highly recommend that you check out every island that you can. 

Our proximity to the ferry terminal also makes island hopping really easy.  Just make sure you’re prepared and have figured out transportation before venturing out to Lopez or Orcas!

What's the weather like?

We're generally warmer INN the winter and cooler INN the summer than most spots in Washington State.  Plus, that rain shadow you've heard about is really true! 

Stay tuned to the black bar below the main image on all of our webpages as that will keep you up to date on the current conditions as well as taking a look at our webcam!

How many people can fit INN a room?

Our room occupancies range quite a bit based on the room that you select.  Each room detail page will show you the maximums for each room and our online booking engine will only show you the rooms that will accommodate the party size that you enter.  Remember, all of our room rates are based on two guests, so an additional fee of $30/guest/night will apply for parties with more than two guests.

Euro 1:  Maximum 2 guests over 16

Euro 2:  Maximum 2 guests over 16

Euro 3:  Maximum 2 guests over 16

Euro 4:  Maximum 2 guests over 16

Sweet 1:  Maximum 3 guests

Sweet 2:  Maximum 2 guests

Sweet 3:  Maximum 4 guests

Sweet 5:  Maximum 4 guests (+ 2 puppies)

Penthouse 1:  Maximum 4 guests

Penthouse 2:  Maximum 6 guests

Penthouse 3:  Maximum 7 guests

Penthouse 4:  Maximum 5 guests (+ 2 puppies)

Penthouse 5:  Maximum 4 guests

Penthouse 6:  Maximum 4 guests

Penthouse 7:  Maximum 4 guests (+ 2 puppies)


Are you a Hotel or a B&B?

We're definitely not a B&B because we don't serve breakfast so we consider ourselves more like a hotel.  However, if you're expecting a traditional hotel with a spa, food and beverage, a workout room and a pool - we're not for you!

How long have you been open?

We've been an Inn since May 2011.  Learn more about how we came about here.

Do you accommodate groups and weddings?

If they're small, yes!  Learn more about groups here.


Where exactly do I check INN?

You'll find our welcome room right next to our parking garage entry on Front Street.  Get detailed directions here.


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