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Let’s face it, there’s still a lot to cover


Face coverings are required any time you're INN our Welcome Room, Sweet Hallway,

or the View Share.

We stand by our commitment to your health and safety.  We just won’t stand too close to you (or each other). Our lines INN the sand are clearly drawn.



Since day #1, we've all been on the same Team.
We’re all Experience Ambassadors. We’re all on Team Clean.


We've got some real pros on our team. 

Our laundry vendor makes certain that all of our linens are washed at high temps.  Ecolab cleaning pros have trained our team, and supply cleaning and disinfecting products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use against COVID-19.




We’re all INN this together, so we’re all closely monitoring our health and wellness to be sure that, if we’re INN the game, we’re at the top of our game. 

We kindly ask that you do the same before you start your adventure, and may ask you to complete a health survey before registering as our guest. 




Look mom – no hands.

We’ve re_imagined your entire pre-stay, arrival, INN-house, and departure experiences to offer off-the-charts service totally hands-free. 

We’re here for you if you need us, and we’ve got everything that you need – electronically. 

Let go and enjoy the ride.  Trust us, we’ve got your back.  


We never thought that our newest alcohol-based INN-room amenity would be hand sanitizer.

Like everything else off the coast of ordinary, we’ve hand-picked the best sanitizer to offer you and yours.  We’ve got the good-stuff INN your room and where it counts around the hotel.


Once you settle INN, you might think that we’re a little out of touch. 

You’re right. 

While we’re unable to re_fresh your room regardless of your stay length, we're happy to offer a knock & drop re_stock if you schedule INN advance


We’re not minding our own business.  With you INN mind, we’re proactively managing our availability to ensure ample time to clean and sanitize.



We’ve all had enough surprises to last a lifetime, so all of our rates require you to book at least one day before you’d like to check-INN.



We’ve still got that eye for design – but we've also got a new lens. 

Everything INN your room will have a purpose and a place.  You won’t find accessories like dining guides, room guides, and welcome letters on a side table.  They’re INN our app.  You’ll also get the chance to choose what goes INN your room during our online registration process.




Most important?  We’re not stopping.  Rest assured this page is just the tip of the island.  We’re ALL INN every day, every stay, and will do all that we can to monitor and respond to evolving circumstances.



Our small but mighty Team is up for the challenge, and we look forward to welcoming you!


Check our rate and availability calendar



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